hold the pickle vol. 6 ...

so here we are with the 6th installment of my new calling in life, the new phenomenon sweeping across the inter webs (mainly to my friends), the sandwich quest. in this installment i want to go over what it is that i am trying to do/achieve with this noblest of noble quests ... 

ive set out on a thankless quest to scour the greater baltimore, maryland area for the tastiest, whackiest, most outrageous, and most creative things that you can pile between two slices of bread. i want to meet the people who put so much into something we all take for granted, the sandwich. on my don quixote-esque excursions i will keep you all informed of where the proverbial sandwich x's should be on your sandwich map of baltimore.

alright enough of the blabber. on to the latest stop on the quest. so far ive been to delis, a bbq joint, a heady soup and sandwich place in the county, and an irish pub that i am quite biased towards, but this stop happened to be something a little different. last week i moseyed into a place called south beach sandwicherie. now let me point out the irony that kind of lies in this name. 1st ... this is a sandwich place in baltimore 2nd ... its on saratoga street, not much like any street in south beach, 3rd ... isnt sandwicherie kinda french sounding? is south beach and/or baltimore predominantly dominated by a french culture? (listen bmorefrench ... you might be the only one who thinks there might be some truth to this statemnet, but there isnt mon ami) the name had me confused and this seemed like a dime a dozen sandwich shop catering to city officials, lawyers, and the good folks at mercy hospital. but to my surprise i had a couple of different people suggest that i stop in. so i checked my irony at the door and strolled in for a sammy.

the menu is simple and dressed down. choose a meat. i chose roast beef. chose a bread. 2 were suggested; baguette or croissant. i chose baguette. choose a cheese. i chose mozzarella. choose topping. i chose lettuce, tomato, onions, hots, and the house made vinaigrette. super simple process and super simple menu. not very south beachie, but i didnt order any of the specials which is where all the creativity seemed to poured into. baltimore style chicken salad and turkey, brie, and apple seemed like they would spice up the day for any working professional that found themselves craving a sandwich while near/on/or around saratoga street.

the sandwich was good. not knock your socks off great, but good. the baguette was out of this world. the vinaigrette was amazing. in fact i asked for the bottle and found myself ripping the ends off my baguette and squirting the vinaigrette on top and taking that down for good measure. the mozzarella was tasty, but the roast beef was kind of just plain ordinary. the hots i liked because they werent your stereotypical deli hot spread, but rather hot pickled peppers (i can mess with the pickled pepper) that had been sliced and placed on top.

the sandwiches here are made by hand and made to order. there is definately a lot of care that goes into each one of these crunchy treats. the cheese is sliced to fit your roll. there was the perfect amount of greens. the tomato was not too thick. the hots were tasty and unique. and the vinaigreete should be bottled and sold at giant. this might not be a destination place or a future baltimore insitution, but it still is quality and it still is made with thought, effort, and care. so if your in the mid town area looking for a sammy then by all means make sure you stop by the south beach sandwicherie.

bienvenidos a roast beef & mozz

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  1. Best sauce and sandwich in Baltimore hands down