hold the pickle vol. 7 ...

at this point our repeat viewers already know the deal. but for those of you who are just tuning in, or have only recently turned to the channel for our recent programming that focused on baltimores newest sushi and most alternative/punk pizza parlor, i need to review whats happening here. i am on a baltimore based sandwich quest. im traveling the streets and roaming the neighborhoods looking for all things sandwich. so far i have been to some top notch places and had some top notch sandwiches. ive received great feedback and have even been joined by an adventurer or 2 on occasion.

todays stop on the sandwich odyssey was sponsored by livingsocial and took place at lennys delicatessen on lombard street.. livingsocial is in the same jest as groupon (please click the ad on my page. i can almost buy a magners with my revenue), so for dishing out a $10 spot i was entitled to $20 worth of historically delicious baltimore deli goodness. $20 is a lot for a sandwich quest pit stop, so i invited half of the gee bros. (the nerd/dj) and the local celeb chef, chef bill.

mmm .... pastrami
as an alum of mcdonogh school in owings mills i was introduced to lennys early in life. but it wasnt until i started living in downtown baltimore after university that i realized that lennys had migrated south with a location on lombard street. this locale quickly became my favorite (location location loaction) and despite opening in the early 90s it acts as a reminder of when that area was littered with delis/markets/bakeries, and lombard street carried the moniker of 'corned beef row'. there is a reason that so many places have come and gone, but lennys is still there after 20 years; its pretty freaking good!

walking into the large open cafeteria-esque restaurant you immediately feel the gravitational pull of the deli counter. there are slicers thwacking back and forth making mound after mound of corned beef. there are hot dog crisping on the flat top grill. there are all sorts of golden fried goodies resting under a heat lamp. i already knew i was in for a difficult decision. a decision that has plagued man for generations. my decision rested between corned beef or pastrami. its a tough position to be in. the corned beef is pink through out and sliced so thin and piled so high that when you take a bite it kind of just melts away. and the pastrami is seasoned to perfection and not mention its cooked twice; once during the roasting process, then its sliced, then thrown on the flat top grill to order. having to decide between these two is like asking a mother to choose her favorite child. impossible.

beef thats corned
luckily i had a plan. a plan that refer to as half-sies. its an age old technique that is practiced globally. to perfectly execute the half-sies technique you need a willing partner who is also suffering from the what do i order conundrum, and who agrees to order the corresponding sandwich that you want to try. by ordering these two sandwiches between 2 willing participants both are ensured half (hence the name) of a sandwich that they wanted to order. now please note there is risk involved. half-sies has ruined friendships, business relationships, and im pretty sure entire familys. if upon receiving both sandwiches the halves are distributed immediately before the 1st bite is taken there lies the risk that upon sinking his or her teeth into a mouth watering succulent sammy your partner will completely void the half-sies transaction thus leaving you wanting and wondering ... 'how effing good is that sandwich? what an ass hole!' careful people half-sies at your own risk.

well i knew i could trust the nerdy/dj 1/2 of the gee bros so i didnt have to choose sides which meant i was able to enjoy both the corned beef and the pastrami. both sandwiches were on rye. both had swiss cheese. both had mustard. both were freaking awesome. but the general consensus (not general when the consensus exists between 2 people) was that the pastrami ruled the day. 

listen you cant go wrong with either. you also cant go wrong with the griddle when breakfast is being served (free insiders info: you have to ask for the turkey sausage). their bakery leaves a little to be desired, but i know people who swear by their jewish baked goods. and in closing you cant go wrong when you hear the elderly jewish man at the table behind you say, 'excuse me ma'am can i please have a fork lift? im having trouble picking up my sandwich!'

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