food that fell off of a truck ...

unless you live underneath a culinary rock you are sure to know that the food truck craze is sweeping across america with pandemic like speed and fervor. here in baltimore we are not immune. weve got a burger truck, a burrito truck, a bbq truck, a cupcake truck, a soup truck, a hot dog truck, a grilled cheese truck, and even a crepe truck. in other words we have a bunch of trucks. and last sunday after over indulging on saturday i awoke with a craving for something greasy, filling, cheap, and fast ... in other words i was looking for some truck food.

lucky for me the gypsy queen food truck (follow her on twitter for info and locales) just happened to be parked at the can company building which is a 3 block stroll (all downhill) for me. it was just what i wanted. the menu was broad with quirky items like the crab cone, little crab balls in a cone a la belgium frites style, there were truffled sliders, and a falafel sandwich (this is next on my list to get from this four wheeled food dispensary). not exactly sure on what to get (there were easily 10 items to choose from) i decided to go for 'the chubbie'. the chubbie was a burger, two slices of neon yellow american cheese, fried onions, and mustard all on grilled texas toast (thick buttery white bread). the chubbie was exactly what this pretty hunger over food enthusiast needed to get back on track, salvage a sunday, and to pique my curiosity about all the food trucks in town!

the 1st bite

and for all of you baltimore food truck groupies, enthusiasts, skeptics, curious, doubters, and lovers please note that next friday - harbor east will be the home of an entire parking lot filled with trucks that will be filled with food. im pretty excited for this food truck rally

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