hold the pickle vol. 16 ...

summer has besieged us. its hot. its humid. air conditioners are running non stop. pools, always at a premium, are over crowded. however the days are longer. work is slower. beers quickly overflow coolers. and most importantly the searing sizzle of meat on the grill can be heard all over. and since bbq'd meat is kind of a passion of mine, its the focus of this weeks sandwich quest.

after my most recent endevours of crossing land, mountains, seas, and valleys all in the name of the mighty sandwich, i decided to do the exact opposite. i went 6 blocks down the street to a relatively new take out shop in fells point called hungry andys. hungry andys recently sprung up on the fells point north-south bisecting broadway street just above the water, across from the much maligned, barren, and neglected broadway market. this is what i always assumed was not an ideal location when it came to foot traffic. with that all taken into consideration over the past three months since h.a. (w/r/t the abbreviation i apologize, but ive been reading a lot of d.f.w.1) has been open i have heard multiple endorsements from sources that i feel posses a lot of sandwich street cred which in my book warranted a sandwich quest stop.

heres a little sandwich quest inside info, i normally despise going into places that i want to blog about during the actual lunch hour. sandwich places by their very nature are designed for the lunch crowd, so are naturally the busiest during said hour. but on this particular day, a skipped breakfast and a hectic morning of pastry selling/delivering meant the lunch hour was unavoidable. this turned out to be a not so terrible thing. i walked into h.a. right around 1215 on a wednesday and was immediately greeted by big and bright retro-ish decor. a hanging mcdonoalds style menu board that had everything you would think a characterless local sub shop would normally have. wings, poppers, fries, burgers, wraps, a couple of sandwiches, and some fried seafood platters. it didnt look promising. but there was a substantial line of folks waiting to place their order. each one stepped up individually looked to a 'specials' chalk board on the righ hand wall and began barking out aurally delicious orders.

'pulled texas beef, on white, horseradish, and onion'

'pulled pork, roll, bqq sauce'

'beef brisket, bbq sauce, horseradish and onion on the side'

whooooa! after glancing to my right to see where the orgin of these orders was coming from i quickly went from disappointment to excitement. hungary andys is a sneaky bbq joint! it all started unfolding like reverse origami. the line of 7 people ahead of me were all men. the 4 people sitting were all eating bbq'd pork, beef, ham, or turkey. and of course were all men. the chalk board read that the daily special was a sandwich of either pulled pork, texas pulled beef , bbq ham, bbq brisket, or bbq turkey with horseradish, onion, and/or bbq sauce all with a side of fries and a drink for $7.50. yahtzee.

it was my turn to order. decisions, decisions. as i stated before bbq is a favorite of mine (3 stops so far on the quest, not including this one, have been bbq stops) and i didnt have a companion (no halfsies) so i had to choose carefully. while i was in the decision making process 3 more men walked in for lunch. i dediced to throw a bit of a curve ball to andy (and subsequently my taste buds) and ordered the bbq'd turkey combo with bbq sauce and onions to go (the place is small and was quickly shrinking with the entrance of what seemed like half of fells points male population).

it was upon my arrival at home that i realized thoughtfulness and quality that is hungry andys. the fries tell this story. the fries were still hot and crispy w/o any soggyness when i took them out of the bag. someone had taped the containers shut and then poked 6 holes in the top with a toothpick. this was pure genious. the holes allowed for the steam to escape which meant there was zippy condensation which meant zippy moisture which lead to zippy soggyness.   
hello bbq turkey, meet crispy fries ...
 the sandwich was still warm and wrapped tight in heat retaining aluminum foil. it was a soft white bun which contained the small mountain of translucent white shavings that were coated with just a faint squirt of bbq sauce. the bbq sauce squirt meant that there was a sauce aspect to the sandwich that didnt get you messy and that didnt drown out the pit turkeys bold smokey flavor. the onions were shaved white onions and were pretty pungent, but provided a little kick in contrast to the smokey turkey flavor and the sweeter bbq sauce flavor.

it was an almost perfect bbq sandwich. the turkey, like a blank canvas, had soaked up the smokey flavor to creat a bbq master piece. the onions didnt over power and were there in a perfect supporting role (and also sliced the right way to accompany any sandwich). the bbq sauce was a bit on the sweet side, but didnt mute the turkeys flavor. but the roll was was not good. it was soft and it was white, but it was on the dry side, had some mealy qualities to it and just simply couldnt stand up to the sandwich.

with one minor change, different bread, h.a. could become a must for undercover food in fells, a quick $7 lunch special, or the go to spot after a couple of pints on thames street.

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